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The Ondara show May 24th was of course wonderful. Just him and a guitar, and not even a harmonica-which I kind of missed actually. He did do a couple a capella songs including a new song. Nice crowd, I was super worried that Memorial Day weekend would put a damper on things, because so many people that I know that like him could not make it because of it being such a busy weekend. He only had his Spanish Villager hat on and not the suit as the airline lost it. Bummer.

Usually when I am watching a show I am making all kinds of mental notes, and really writing a review in my head. Last night I snapped a picture and then ninety minutes later the show was done. I don’t think a thought really entered my head besides just absorbing the music. Most bands, even my absolute favorite bands, have songs in their sets and even chunks of songs where I lose interest for a bit. Not the case here, I was all in on every song played. I was especially excited that he played “Lockdown On Date Night Tuesday” off of Tales Of Isolation. I didn’t think he would play any of that album as it is a full on pandemic album and possibly might be weird to sing about now. That is my favorite song off that album, though I really, really like all of that album and as I go see him perform over the coming years, those will be the “white whale” songs for me.

The last time I saw him he definately spoke more and told more stories, but he doesn’t seem like the type of artists to do things because he feels like he has to every night. I am sure every night is different. Vocally he was spot on, it’s just so impressive what he does and can do and how he doesn’t over do big moments or emotional moments beyond what he truly feels. Some artists are trying to win you over, and you never get that feeling with him. Other highlights for me (though it was all pretty much a highlight) was “Give Me A Moment” (which was stuck in my head my entire bike ride this morning) and “Days Of Insanity” which I really re-connected with during this performance. The songs off the latest album really worked well stripped down (the new album was a little more amped up than the other two) and it allowed me to connect with those songs further. The other fun surprise was a cover of The Smiths “Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want” which was very cool. Last time I saw him he did Neil Young, so this was way cooler.

He is going to announce another leg of this tour soon-if he is playing KC or Des Moines-I will go if I can-maybe even check out a new city if it is much later in the year. July through October is jam packed already.

Glad we got to see him in Omaha-and I am sure he will be back at some point.


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