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Featured Show-Margo Price-Waiting Room Lounge-Wednesday

The first time I saw Margo Price was back in 2016 at The Waiting Room. She was touring on her first album Midwest Farmer’s Daughter. I don’t think I had actually listened to the album at the time that I saw her. The reason is, that at that show she sang “The Hands Of Time” and it absolutely floored me right there in that moment. It was such an incredibly crafted song with so much powerful emotion.That is a once in a lifetime song, maybe, for most artists.  We are now on album four, Strays, and honestly when it first came out I liked it, but didn’t love it. My employees kept playing it in the store and now I love it and it’s currently sitting in my Top Ten of the year thus far. The album has a different vibe-psych rock and Americana and it also has this song “Lydia” that guts me everytime I hear it. Margo is one of the best songwriters out there and she has proven to be able to not just get pigeonholed into the pure country or pure Americana thing, like I was probably doing in my head when I first listened to the album. She previewed this sound last year at Outlandia when her and the band performed a rocked up set that thrilled myself and many others. It was a stand out set from the weekend for sure. I expect more of that vibe at The Waiting Room this Wednesday. It’s a must see show. 

The Jewell has a super solid lineup this week. It starts with a Songwriters Circle on Wednesday with Ione who has a new single out called “Why Anna” that Jon Bon Jovi really likes. Also on the bill is Jason Birnsthil who really likes Jon Bon Jovi. Birnsthil has sold out The Jewell (and the Benson Theatre) recently, so get tickets to this show now. The third side of the circle is guitarist and songwriter Andew Bailie making this a pretty eclectic group on stage. On Thursday Sailing With Soup will perform a lot of classic cover and deep cuts for the musically minded and Friday is The Toast with Aly Peeler, Mitch Towne, Andrew Bailie, and Dale Black doing classic soul and funk songs. Mitch is returning this week from his tour of Japan with his group SRT. Towne and Black will return to the stage on Sunday for a jazz set with Andrew Janak and Parker Sibley. On Saturday is Andre Vander Velde with with Jaguar James doing a tribute to Bill Whithers. 

Nita Strauss at Waiting Room on Monday

Monday June  26th

–Emily Bass and Friends at The Zoo Bar in Lincoln 5:15 PM 

-The Catalyst Sessions at The Zoo Bar in Lincoln 8PM 

-Monday Music and Art w/The Huckle Bearers at Down Under Lounge 7:30 PM 

-NOMA  Jazz Session at North Omaha Music and Arts 7PM 

-Greet Death, Ghostlike, Bad Self Portraits at Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln 8PM

-Nita Strauss with Lions at the Gate and Zach Adkins at Waiting Room 8PM 

-Stop the Presses with The Bishops at Reverb Lounge 8PM 

-Open Mic at Shakedown Street-8PM to Midnight  

-Porcelain w/Nohwere with Local Ponzi Scheme-at The Sydney-9PM 

Off With Their Heads at Reverb Lounge on Tuesday

Tuesday June 27th 

-Shake a Tailfeather Tuesday with Bridge Gap Brothers (DJ event) at The Zoo Bar in Lincoln 9PM 

-The Jazzocracy- at The Zoo Bar in Lincoln 9PM (Zoo Bar website has both events at 9PM, but one is more than likely early in the evening). 

-NOMA Contemporary Sessions-North Omaha Music and Arts 7PM 

-MC Davo-at Bourbon Theater in Lincoln 8PM 

-Off With Their Heads with Single Mothers and Valley Streets at Reverb Lounge-8PM 

The Futurebirds at The Slowdown on Wednesday

Wednesday June 28th

-Selwyn Birchwood at The Zoo Bar in Lincoln 6PM 

-Vibe Check at The Zoo Bar in Lincoln 9PM 

-Sonwriters Circle at The Jewell with IONE, Birnstihl and Bailie 7PM

-DJ Lay C at Bar 415 9PM 

-Margo Price with Kelsey Waldon at The Waiting Room Lounge 8PM 

-The Futurebirds with Cable Network-at The Slowdown 8PM 

-Reeve Johnson on the patio at Brownie Bar 5PM 

Ebba Rose at Reverb Lounge on Thursday

Thursday June 29th

-Sailing With Soup at The Jewell 7PM 

-Bike Night With Panik at The Drinkery 7PM 

-Ebba Rose Album Release Show with Cowgirl Eastern, BB Sledge, and Trees With Eyes at Reverb 8PM

-John Worsham at Celler 44 6PM

-Phil Valdez at Bucks Bar and Grill in Venice

Friday June 30th

-Tony Meza and El Chupacabra The Zoo Bar in Lincoln 5PM 

-The Toast at The Jewell 6:30 PM and 8:30PM 

-Howard Mahan at The Zoo Bar in Lincoln 9PM 

-Tyler Folkerts-at Hail Varsity-6PM 

-Cortege with Flux Amuck and ZUNEG and The Doom Choir at Reverb Lounge-8PM 

-Taylor Fest-DJ Event-At Waiting Room Lounge-9PM 

-Pop Shove It-at Maloney’s in Council Bluffs-8PM 

-Woodhoops at The Down Under Lounge-9:30PM 

-Idle Threat, American Arson, Guilt Vacation, Big World and Ivory Daze at 1867 in Lincoln-7:30PM 

-The Dan and John Show at Harney Street Tavern-9PM 

-Riptide Refugees at Sonny’s 7PM 

-Wyrmwood at Bob & Willies Wonderbowl- 7PM 

-Bridges To Cornell:Tribute To Chris Cornell and Motley Scrue: Tribute to Motley Crue at Dream on the Green-9PM 

-Rob Leines with Taylor Hunnicutt at Bucks Bar and Grill in Venice 9PM 

-Finding Dixie at Barrell & Vine-9PM

-Melissa Etheridge and Herman’s Hermits at Memorial Park 6:30 PM 

Saturday- July 1st 

-Edem Soul Music  at The Zoo Bar in Lincoln 9PM 

-Matt Heckler, Johno Leeroy at Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln 8PM 

-Rysie-Broken Transmission-Album Release-Birthday Show with Pac Dillon, Nugz, Stormy, DJ Maddix and hosted by C10-at Reverb Lounge-8PM

-Noir Presents-The New Wave-The Cure Tribute Night-DJ Event-at The Verdict-9PM 

-Andre Vander Velde with Jaguar James Tribute To Bill Withers-at The Jewell 6:30PM and 8:30PM 

-Riptide Refugees at Bob & Willies Wonderbowl 7PM 

-The Almas, My Juliet and Soda Spill at Dream on the Green 9PM 

-Tennesee Jet with Tim Lightyear at Bucks Bar and Grill in Venice-9PM 

-The 402 at Barrell and Vine 9PM 

-Dirty Heads, Yelawolf, G. Love and Special Sauce and Tropidelic 

Fleet Foxes at Steelhouse Sunday

Sunday July 2nd 

-Zero 9:36 at Bourbon Theater in Lincoln 8PM  

-Glare and Alien Boy with The Dirts & Glassblower at Reverb Lounge-8PM 

-VTEN-at Holland Performing Arts Center-Holland Club-8PM 

-Andrew Janak, Mitch Towne, Dale Black and Parker Sibley at The Jewell 7PM 

-Fleet Foxes at Steelhouse Omaha 8PM 

-Tom Buller Band at Bucks Bar and Grill in Venice 2PM 

-Pearl Earl with Captain Howdy at The Sydney 9PM

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