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Omaha indie rock band Uh-Oh has announced a new monthly music series called Cicada Songs. They will be releasing two songs monthly from July through October. The band says, “A lot of these songs revolve around trying to find peace in the things staring you right in the face-family and friends, long drives and thunderstorms, fireflies blinking and cicadas singing”. The first two songs for July are “Gold At The End” and “A Line In Your Book”. You can find these on Spotify, Bandcamp, and other streaming services.

Marcey Yates has released a new album online called Chocolate For Water. This follows 2022’s The Cool Wxrl with XOBOI and the collaborative Culxr House: Freedom Summer album that won the Album of the Year at the 16th Annual Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards. That year, Marcey also won the Outstanding Hip-Hop Award. Yates has a description of the inspiration for the new album, which you can read here. It’s very personal, and I don’t feel like summarizing it does it justice. The album features guests Noni, The Fey, Flowz 4 Daze, Verze The Ape King, Tylynn,and Grand Agent. The release’s artwork features a very cool design by sckyrei that would look great on a vinyl album cover. So far, the album is available on Bandcamp and streaming services. I have been listening to it tonight, and I highly recommend giving it a spin. I thought he was one of the best ten years ago, but over the past few releases that he has worked on, he really has come into his own and truly has his own identity now beyond his influences that seeped into his work as a young artist. 

Tommy Stinson is known mainly for his work with The Replacements (the greatest American rock & roll band), and then he was a member of Guns & Roses for sixteen years and Soul Asylum for a bit. He also had a band called Bash & Pop (whose 1993 album is a classic) and Perfect, and he has released a couple solo albums. He just released a new album as Cowboys In The Campfire, which is him and Chip Roberts. The album has an Americana feel, but would not turn off any fan of The Replacements or Bash & Pop. It’s a very solid release, and it will be a good one to see him tour on. He will be performing tonight at Zipline Brewery in Lincoln at 6PM. Tickets are available here.

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