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Here is this week’s calendar.  Thank you to everyone who has been checking out, we have been having one hundred to one hundred and fifty visitors a day, which is about twice what I expected during the first month, and a lot of people have been looking at the calendar, which makes putting the time in worth it. If only 10% of you go to a show because you saw it here, then mission accomplished. If you want to support the site you can here

This week we have Cinderella’s Tom Kiefer and and L.A. Guns at Steelhouse Omaha on Wednesday. I have watched some video of Tom, and while he doesn’t fully hit the vocals he once did, looks like a fun show. I have seen various versions of L.A. Guns over the years, but haven’t seen Phil and Tracii together since Fat Jaks. Looking forward to reliving some of my youth this week.

One of the hottest artists out there right now is Noah Kahan, and he will be at Stir Cove on Sunday. That show is sold out, but if you can secure a ticket you should as he will be playing much bigger spaces the next time around. 

The big local show this week is Omaha indie artist Bach Mai who will be celebrating the release of a new album on Saturday at Reverb Lounge.  I just listened to the newest music online and it sounds fantastic. Uh Oh who I wrote about releasing new music currently here will be on the lineup along with Ghostlike. 

Here is this week’s calendar. I hope to see you at a show this week!

Monday July 17th

NOMA Sessions at North Omaha Music and Arts-7PM

Maygen & The Birdwatcher at The Zoo Bar 6PM 

Profanatica, Panzerfaust, Ungoliant and Prolapse at Reverb Lounge 7:30PM 

Marks Monday Open Jam at Down Under Lounge 9:30PM 

Tuesday July 18th 

Blues Ed Band Vertigo at Lauritzen Gardens 6PM 

Contemporary Sessions at North Omaha Music and Arts 7PM 

Chicago Farmer & The Field Notes at The Zoo Bar 6PM 

Shake A Tailfeather with Bridge Gap Brothers at Zoo Bar 9PM 

Counterpart with Like Moths To Flames, Boundaries and Omerta at The Waiting Room 7PM

Wednesday July 19th 

Cinderella’s Tom Keifer Band with LA Guns at Steelhouse Omaha 7:30 PM 

The Grease Band at Bogies West

DJ Lay C at Bar 415 

Georgeanne and Friends at Down Under Lounge 5PM 

Open Mic at Down Under Lounge hosted by Mad Darling 8PM 

Little Feat with Leftover Salmon at Orpheum Theatre 7PM 

Stephen Monroe at The Pit BBQ Lounge 6PM 

That 70’s, 80’s and 90’s Show at Beach House 7:30PM 

Open Mic Night at The Tavern 9PM 

Open Mic at Culxr House 7PM 

The Mudpuddles with Scott Severin and Stateleigh Holmes at the Zoo Bar 6PM 

Vibe Check at The Zoo Bar 9PM 

Big Wade & Black Swan Theory Open Mic Vibe Session at The Jewell 8PM

Maria Chavez

Thursday July 20th 

Pete Fucinaro Quartet at The Jewell 7PM 

Dueling Pianos Dinner Show at Barrell & Vine 5PM

Chris Shelton at Dubliner Pub 

Ron Artis II with Charley Alley at Midtown Crossing for Jazz on The Green 6:30PM 

John Rogers at Vino Mas 6:30PM 

The Lightning Bugs with The Shucks Brothers at Stransky Park 7PM 

Red Wanting Blue at Barnato 8PM 

Matt Castillo at Bucks Bar & Grill in Venice 9PM 

Maria Chavez with Jordi Wheeler Live at The Low End at The Bemis Center 8PM 

Alexandra Kay at The Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln 8PM 

TV Tragedy with Tiananmen Squares, Scabby Ghouls and Hosting Monsters at Reverb Lounge 8PM 

Hell’s Belles at Slowdown 8PM 

Dead Mans Hand at The Drinkery 7PM


Friday July 21st 

Lodgings with Sun Less Trio and Living Conditions at Reverb Lounge 8PM 

Ty Hakeem & Brown Suga at The Jewell 6:30 and 8:30 PM 

Mr. Criminal at The Royal Grove in Lincoln 7PM 

Peter The Rock at Bar 415 

Personics at Barrell & Vine 9PM 

The Frights with Sad Park at Slowdown 8PM 

Craig Gerges at Bucks Bar & Grill in Venice 9PM 

Lomelda at The Sydney Doors at 8PM 

Green Jelly with Cordial Spew, Moltyen and Noizewave at The Waiting Room 8PM 

Acoustic Jam with Jimmy Greve at the Crescent Moon

Grunge Pop at Bogies West

Blues Ed Band Blue Sunday at Annie’s Irish Pub 6PM 

Rascal Martinez at Deer Springs Winery in Lincoln 7PM 

Jim Ritter at Slattery Vintage Estates 7PM 

Anime Rave at The Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln 8:30PM 

The 402 at Cottonwood Cove Marina 

Blue Venue at Beach House at 8PM 

Tidball Barger Band at The Zoo Bar 5PM 

Project Blackbird at The Zoo Bar 9PM 

Hana Kahn and Thomas Gunn at Hail Varsity 6PM 

Anne Frankenstien at the Down Under Lounge 9:30PM 

Castro, Dead Idol, Suntero, Zune & The Doom Choir at Maloney’s in Council Bluffs 8PM

Lincoln Alexander, M.R.N. 3, Lost World Creators and Lowkey Buckets at 1867 in Lincoln 9PM

Kurt Allen Band at B. Bar 

Touch of Grey at Sonny’s 7PM 

DJ G3 at Krug Park

DJ Erok at bob & willies wonderbowl 8PM 

Backseat Delilah with Gladys Kravitz at Dream on the Green 

Saturday July 22nd 

Nice Up at Harney Street Tavern 9PM 

No Drinking on Grounds with Vaber at Dream on the Green 9PM 

Patrick Murphy at Barnato 8PM 

Hey DJ at Sonnys 

The Fisheads at bob & willies wonderbowl 7PM 

Ahsley Wineland with Luke Hendricksen at Bucks Bar & Grill in Venice 9PM 

VVillougby and Jeremy Mercy and the Rapture Orphans at B. Bar 

Spill Canvas Acoustic Tour at Maloney’s In Council Bluffs 7PM 

Bach Mai Album Release Party with Uh Oh and Ghostlike at Reverb Lounge 8PM 

DEAD RECKONING with Evil Shadows, Cyphen and Oceans Above at The Drinkery 8PM 

MooShroom at Shakedown Street 

Jump Cut at Down Under Lounge 9:30 PM 

Out Loud Rock Band at Slattery Vintage Estates 7PM 

Lindsey Beaver & Bradley Stivers at The Zoo Bar 5PM 

All City Blues at The Zoo Bar  9PM 

Travis at The Jewell 6:30 and 8:30 PM 

Up All Night: A One Direction Themed Dance Party at Waiting Room 8PM 

Omaha Jazz Experience Featuring Najee and Nelson Rangell at Stinson Park 4PM 

McGovern String Band at James Arthur Vineyards 6PM 

Blues Ed Bands Blue Sunday and The Redwoods at Rich Harvest Vineyard & Winery 6PM 

Rascal Martinez at Lincoln Children’s Zoo 7PM 

DJ Lucas Krance at Cottonwood Cove Marina 

Tributes to George Strait and Johnny Cash at Cottonwood Cove Marina 

Swampboy Blues Band at Grover Inn 8PM 

Rhythm Collective at Shakedown Street 8PM 

Lou DeLuca and the Delta 88’s at Heron Bay 

Cadillac Lemon at Cellar 426 6:30PM 

The Garage Band at Deer Springs in Lincoln 7PM 

Rap Battle at Beach House 9PM 

Wild Colonial Bhoys-Dubliner Pub 

Soundwaves Concert Series at Omaha Conservatory of Music 7PM

Charm School Dropouts at Ribstock at Granary Green 7PM

Chasin Nickels at Barrell & Vine 9PM 

Noah Kahan

Sunday July 23rd 

Back Alley Betties at Glacial Till Winery 2PM 

American Classic Revue with Bobby Gadbury at The Jewell 7PM 

Dexter and the Moonrocks with Mitchell Ferguson at The Waiting Room 8PM 

The Shucks Brothers at the 1206 in Crete 3PM 

DJ Yascoe at Cottonwood Cove Marina 

Llloyd McCarter at Boat House Bar & Grill at Branched Oak Marina 5PM 

DJ A-Rhab at Bar 415 

Noah Kahan at Stir Cove-8PM

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