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No Salvation is the new album from the legendary Omaha hardcore punk band RAF. The band is made up of Paul Moerke, Tim Cox, Dereck Higgins, Dan Stewart, and Kelly Raf, who have been the go-to punk band in Omaha for decades. No Salvation is available for download now at their Bandcamp page here and will be available on vinyl at their album release show at The Waiting Room Lounge on August 26th. Considering the infrequency of shows the band plays due to members both living outside of Omaha and being busy with other projects, I expect this show to be packed to the gills and the line for the record to be long. There will be a limited-edition color variant of the album available.

RAF member Dereck Higgins has another new release with Bryan Day entitled Woven Territories. The release is available for download and purchase on CD through either Dereck’s Bandcamp page here or the label Public Eyesore’s Bandcamp page here. Higgins has been putting out a steady stream of different styles of music and doesn’t seem to be slowing down, so bookmark that Bandcamp page. This project is four tracks long, but will provide you with about forty minutes of improvised music with Bryan Day using built instruments and processing and Dereck Higgins playing samples and field recordings. I am listening to it right now, and it is creating a whole mood with my morning coffee.

Omaha based hip-hop artist King Iso has released a new single. “The Way You Are” is a song about his son’s diagnosis with Autism. King Iso also released a video for the song that features him and his son. At the end of the video, he states, “From anybody on the spectrum or dealing with autism, from my kid to kids around the world to teens and young adults, you are not sick; you are just the way you are.” King Iso took home Artist of the Year at the 2022 Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards and rapped about his own mental health journey on his last album, Get Well Soon, which came out on the nationally distributed Strange Music label owned by Tech N9ne. King Iso states that he is working on a new album. “”The Way You Are” is available on streaming sites and Apple Music.

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