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Here is the list of albums out today that I thought were worth noting. I left off Blur’s new album, Ballad Of Darren, as I will be posting a full review on it this weekend. It’s very good and a must listen if you are a fan of the band. 

-Allegra Kreiger – I Keep My Feet on The Fragile Plane—she has a couple albums out, and I don’t think I have ever checked them out before. The first couple songs released off this album sent me to listen to both of them. They are very good, but the songs out currently have me feeling that the album out today could be the best of the bunch. I’m really digging this singer-songwriter.

-Lauren Auder – the infinite spine-Debut album from Auder, who has been in the music scene for awhile. Started off producing for underground hip-hop artists. I’m not sure if I can nail down a sound here, as it is all over the place. It’s eccentric pop, with sweet and harsh elements happening at the same time. I look forward to hearing more.

-Guided By Voices are two albums away from album number 40, with Welshpool Frillies out on Friday.

-Mizmor – Prosaic-this one man black metal band has been named Album of the Week from Stereogum. 

-Cloudland Canyon – Circuit City-here is another band I started rabbit-holeing today. How have I never heard this band? They have been around for 20 years and worked with some cool ass people. Sonic Boom! The early stuff I checked out is the good kind of psych music, but these new songs sound like seriously great synth-way stuff. I’m really looking forward to digging into this album more.

-Rapper Nas recently announced that Magic 2 would be released on Friday. There is very little information on who will be on the album, except that 50 Cent let it be known that he could possibly be one of the guests. 

-The Arcadian Wild – Welcome-progressive bluegrass group with a couple of albums out. Mainstream middle-of-the road stuff—that sounds well done, well produced, and appealing, if this is a sound you are into.

-Erin Viancourt is the first signing to Cody Jinks Late August Recordings. Her debut, Won’t Die This Way, is out on Friday. The preview tracks sound pretty good.

-Brooklyn-based songwriter and harpist Rebecca Kitba Bryson El-Saleh is releasing their debut album under the name Kitba. The four preview songs are very good. Quiet and pretty with a lot of piano, strings, and such. The songs are strong and grow after repeated listens. 

-Electronic artist ford. will release Guiding Hand, and the pre-release tracks sound good. Just pleasant, chill electronic music that is not super sleepy or ambient.

-Detroit rapper Babyface Ray releases his first mixtape in four years and fourth overall tomorrow with Summer’s Mine. He just made Obama’s Summer Playlist today. 

-Bruno Major – Columbo-British singer-songwriter, releases his third album. He is that middle-of-the road pop singer-songwriter, but it sounds like he is a little more musical than most of them, or at least influenced by more musical people. It’s milquetoast, but it has a bit more substance than a lot of artists of this ilk.

-Cian Ducrot – Victory-this guy-I swear I have heard this “I’ll Be Waiting” song in a movie or TV show…like the cast was singing it or something. Ted Lasso, maybe? Anyway, it’s a hugely emotional song that should be in a movie or TV show. He is an Ed Sheeran type with insanely catchy cheese ball songs. This is his debut, and he is already pretty big, but this is probably the next big pop artist that appeals to people who like Ed Sheeran.

-Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway – City of Gold-love her, and she is so talented and one hell of a guitar player. This is full-on bluegrass. Maybe too much so for me. We will see.

-The Cucumbers – Old Shoes-obscure 80s band, returns with a short 24 minute album and an older, more mature sound.

-Mother Tongues – Love in a Vicious Way-debut album from the Canadian psych band that is more pleasant than weird. 

-“This Heat-esque polyrhythms, spidery zeuhl, oceanic kosmische, blissful Robert Wyatt-via-Talk Talk-esque pastoral, and even Lalo Schifrin-esque celluloid-score tension are visited here.” This is a quote from the press release on their first album. The second album from Holy Family is out Friday, and I am intrigued. 

-Gorgon City are here with their fourth mid-tempo electronic album Salvation.

-Max Clarke is back with a new Cutworms album. I feel like this project has been around longer than it has, as this self-titled album is only the third. Slacker-sounding Americana indie pop music Catchy and well done.

-Platinum Chrisian music artist Dante Bowe sounds like he is heading more toward the more secular music world on his self-titled album out on Friday. 

-Greta Van Fleet  will release Starcatcher, and it is poised to be a big seller for them with their signature Led Zeppelin sound in hyper-drive this time around. 

-Mull Historical Society – In My Mind There’s a Room This is album nine from Colin MacIntre, who goes by Mull Historical Society. The Scottish rock singer-songwriter sounds in fine form, with “Panicked Feathers” being the standout of the pre-release tracks.

-Oscar Lang –  Look Now-don’t know much about this person, but as far as the whole adult pop thing goes, he is pretty good. Leans more towards Rufus Wainwright than Ed Sheeran.

-Outer Heaven – Infinite Psychic Depths-New album from extreme metal band. 

-Oxbow – Love’s Holiday-the experintmal band with it’s eighth album. This one is a mix of post-punk and songs that remind me of a less elegant Nick Cave.

-VOIVOD return with the new album Morgöth Tales

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