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Album Releases Friday July 28th

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Georgia-Euphoric-Georgia’s album Seeking Thrills in 2020 was one of my favorite albums of that year, and the song “About Work The Dancefloor” is one of those songs that will be on my playlists for the rest of my life, and I will enjoy it every single time. So I have high hopes for this album. On the first listen, I didn’t have a song stand out in a big way like ‘Dancefloor” did, but it was a nice listen, and I do think it will grow on me. Good mid-tempo electronic pop. We will see how much it does.

Aphex Twin: Blackbox Life Recorder 21f/iin a room 7 F760 EP Normally I don’t mention EPs, but anytime Aphex Twin puts something out, it is important. The first song released was a brilliant chiller. The whole thing has now been released, and it’s a brilliant 14 minutes.

Dexys: The Feminine Divine—this is the first Kevin Rowland (Dexy’s Midnight Runners) album of original music in eleven years; in fact, he retired from music seven years ago. It’s interesting and actually pretty good. There are some tender moments, some odd call and response with back-up singers, and an overall theme of maybe Kevin exploring and reassessing his take on gender.

Kid FearsUndying Love is the second album from the Atlanta band. Full-on songwriter-based shoegaze that feels a little above a lot of what comes out in the genre. A lot of times, it’s just an appealing sound or a recognized sound that appeals with shoegaze bands. This one has the songs to go with it. Very good album. I started it over right away.

George Clanton, Ooh Rap I Ya- I have never listened to this guy. I just always get mad because I think it says George Clinton. When he did an album with Nick Hexum, I figured I definitely wouldn’t like him. I just listened to this and like it a lot.

The Clientele: I Am Not There Anymore-:::sigh:: I love this band. Just wonderful chamber pop. Nothing will be as good as the first couple albums; they just can’t recapture that urgency, but they are always a treat.

Locate S,1: Wicked Jaw is the third album from Locate S,1 (Christina Schnieder). I look forward to spending more time with this. This sounds really good; sometimes it reminds me of Blondie with the tone in the voice. There are some really cool production things happening here, little twists and turns in the music, and the songs are good. Slightly avant-garde, but very listenable.

Madeline Kenney: A New Reality Mind is the third album from indie musician Madeline Kenny. She self-produced this and did everything herself, I think. It’s indie singer-songwriter over wonky synths, drums, and whatnot. The songs are mid-tempo but can soar a bit at times, and the songs are great. Possibly the best album out this week. It’s worth a listen, for sure.

Damon Locks & Rob Mazurek, New Future City Radio This is really good. It’s two longtime Chicago multi-media artists creating a mixtape of jazz and sound collages that has a pirate radio vibe.

Ten Tonnes: Dancing, Alone, the second album from George Ezra’s brother The UK pop artist had a little buzz with his first album. This is a pretty good mainstream pop-rock album. Very produced “indie rock”, but catchy as shit.

High Pulp: Days in the Desert is the third album from the experimental jazz group, though don’t let “experimental” throw you off; it is very listenable. It just moves around a bit and changes vibes on you sometimes. Very pleasant and well played, and some cool vibes, sounds, and movements are happening here. Jeff Parker and Brandee Younger are guests of note. One of the songs is called “Robert Pollard,” which is interesting.

Bethany Cosentino:Natural Disaster, the debut album from the Best Coast singer. Produced by Butch Walker. Kind of adult pop with a tinge of Americana. Not really grabbing me fully yet, but I will listen again.

Anne-Marie, Unhealthy-British pop artist, releases her third album with guests Shania Twain, Khalid, and more. I’m surprised the single “Psycho” wasn’t bigger worldwide.

Beverly Glenn-Copeland: The Ones Ahead—such a fascinating life for this entertainer. A writer, actor, and, of course, the wonderful Keyboards Fantasies album in 1986. This is the first new music in almost 20 years from Copeland. The initial tracks are very promising for the 79-year-old.

Brad “In the Moment That You’re Born is the first new album in ten years from Stone Gossard’s band that is not Pearl Jam.

Bre Kennedy: Scream Over Everything (Side A) Pretty standard singer-songwriter pop music. Kind of like Folklore Taylor

Bush Tetras: They Live In My Head, the third album from the post-punk band from the 80s Drummer Steve Shelly from Sonic Youth has stepped in to help finish this album as their drummer Dee Pop recently passed away. Sounds good. Will listen to it more. 

Carly Rae Jepsen‘s The Loveliest Time is a companion to her album from last year, The Loneliest Time. The first single, “Shy Boy,” is pretty good. It sounds like a late 80s pop song by an almost-hit dance group whose names you can’t remember.

Westside Gunn—And Then You Pray For Me—they keep saying this is coming out, but it keeps getting delayed. They say it is coming out on Friday again. We will see. (narrator-it did not)

Chief Xian aTunde Adjuah (Bark Out Thunder, Roar Out Lightning), formerly known as Grammy-nominated trumpeter Christian Scott, On this album, he uses hand-made instruments and no trumpet. Celebrating Black masking Indians in New Orleans.

Chika – Samson: The album‘s interesting first few singles from this hip-hop artist are pretty good. There is a collaboration with Freddie Gibbs here. I will look into this further.

Soulja Boy has a new Mixtape called Soulja World.

Darlingside‘s Everything Is Alive is the new album from the indie folk band that has been pumping them out for about 15 years now.

Dot Allison (Consciousology): Dot was in One Dove in the early 90’s. She has put out many solo albums since then. This one is mellow and pretty. Synyhs and Stings is quite a bit of classically influenced pop and deep in its construction and subject. It’s going to take a few listens, but interesting. Andy Bell from Ride appears.

Echosmiththe third album from the sibling group that had that infectious “Cool Kids” song ten years ago. This one is purely bland but pleasant pop music.

From Ashes to New: Blackout is the fourth album from a nu-Metal band that has been around for less than a decade. Nu-Nu-Metal 

Ghost Hounds: First Last Time is the 5th album from the blues rock band. Not my thing at all, but I am surprised they are not bigger with that crowd. Super cliche and built for fans of that music.

Hackedepicciotto-Keepsakes-album from the experimental German duo. I have been listening to it while doing some writing and have kind of zoned out on it. I like the music, the atmosphere, and the vibe—not so much the vocals or spoken word stuff; it feels a little like warlocks and dragons to me when the vocals happen.

James and the Cold Gun  debut album from the Welsh band. It’s a straight-forward rock album. Too much for me and too devoid of melody for me, but if you are a full-on rock fan, this might be up your alley.

Jessy Lanza: Love Hallucination is chill electro that is nice to listen to. I’m not sure I would seek it out, but it was a good listen. Nothing sets it apart from other music of this nature.

Jordan Moser: Peril, the second album from Jordan. His last album had songs with him singing along with Molly Burch. This one is Natalie Jane Hill. It’s super mellow singer-songwriter stuff, a little hippie-ish sometimes, a little Americana sometimes, and other times there are things like far-off electric guitar solos and such that reel you in. His lyrics are pretty blunt, too.

KitschKriegis a German Engineering and production trio working with hip-hop artists from around the globe. Some of this is really good; some of it has that auto-tune thing my old self can’t get into, but even that isn’t horrible here. I kind of like this mix.

Maroulita de Kol is an Anasana-Greek pianist and composer. Very pretty, classical, meditative, with some vocals and a lot of atmosphere.

MMYYKK: The Midst of Things is the third album from soul singer and hip-hop artist MMYYKK.It’s OK. The song Bliss had a little P-Funk in it, but a lot of it isn’t very memorable. I might give it a second listen.

Mutoid Man: Mutants, the fourth album from the metal core band

OTR (Be Quiet, They’re Listening) is the second album from electronic pop artist OTR, who has a lot of guest vocalists. It is a nice listen, but nothing super interesting.

Phoebe Hunt’s Nothing Else Matters-it is just Phoebe doing vocals and violin. That is it. The range of styles and tempos varies greatly. Nice listen. 

Post Malone: Austin: A new album from the Raising Canes guy

PWNT: “groove-based psych pop”. They like the Beatles, Tame Impala, and maybe some classic soul. It doesn’t hold much interest here.

Ruth Mascelli: Non-Stop Healing Frequency. Ruth is from the No-Wave band Special Interests, and this is her second solo album. I like a lot of it; sometimes it gets weird and wonky in a way that my brain doesn’t connect with, but there are a lot of cool moments on here also. It’s not difficult to listen to or anything, but probably not for everyone.

Saul: This Is It… The End of Everything: This morning at the gas station that changes names a lot on 72nd and Maple, I saw a truck with a sticker on the back that said It’s Saul Good, and it had the logo of this band. I bet he was listening to this new album.

Sevendust: Truth Killer, the new album from Sevendust They are playing Stir Cove soon.

Skeleten: Under Utopia: chill electronic music. Nice listen, but nothing for me to revisit.

Sore Dream and Hisham Akira BharoochaSore Dream x Hisham Akira Bharoocha—people from Full of Hell Experimental industrial noise—at least the first song is.

SUSTO: My Entire Life is the fifth album from the indie Americana band from Charleston. I always give their albums a listen, and they are just OK to me. People who dig the heavily produced adult mainstream Americana might dig this.

Zir – Eyeroll- This sounds like a horror movie. Seriously 

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