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 This past weekend’s Maha festival was just the beginning. In the next few weeks, we have festivals on festivals on festivals. This Saturday in Downtown Omaha is In The Market for Blues. This festival will have 35 artists at ten venues, all within walking distance of each other. With the park opened up, downtown walkability is easier than it has been in years. Headlining this festival is Chicago bluesman Toronzo Cannon, who will be performing at The Holland Center Mammel Courtyard. To see the full lineup and purchase tickets, head here.

The Four Winds Festival Omaha is happening on Friday and Saturday at The Waiting Room and Reverb Lounge. Dozens of acts will perform, including Alyeska, C10, Public Figure, Faith Freeman, and Jay Influential. I did an interview with one of the organizers, Justin Strawstone, in last month’s print version of The Reader, and it will be up online tomorrow. I will post a link on the Omaha Buzz Facebook page and Threads page. You can purchase tickets to the festival here.

A super cool new festival is GRRRL Camp at Falconwood Park on Saturday. This one is all about the GRRRL’s and they have an incredible lineup of area, regional, and touring artists, a lot of fun activities, and tons of vendors. The Velveteers headline this one, and you can get tickets here.

The New American Arts Festival is happening in the Benson Creative District on Friday (Benson First Friday). I am not sure who is all performing, but they will have music at Shakedown Street as part of the festival. You can find details on everything happening here.


Monday July 31st 

David Graham and Eskimo Brothers at the Zoo Bar 7PM 

NOMA Jazz Jam at North Omaha Music and Arts 7PM 

Hubris with Lucida Dark, Minor Movements, and Fontenelle at Waiting Room 30

Daniels Blue Moon Hootenanny at the Down Under Lounge 9:30 PM 

Kaitlin Butts

Tuesday August 1st

Drayton Farley with Travis Roberts and Kainen Kellum at Reverb Lounge 8PM 

Kaitlin Butts at Bucks Bar & Grill in Venice 8:30PM 

Back Alley at Lauritzen Gardens 6PM 

NOMA Contemporary Jam at North Omaha Music and Arts 7PM 

Whitmore with RIG TIME and NEO SOUL at Maloney’s in Council Bluffs 7:30PM

Crabby Blues Band at Shucks (West) 6PM 

Open Mic at Culxr House 7PM 

The Jazzaocracy at The Zoo Bar 7PM 

Shake a Tailfeather with Bridge Gap Brothers at The Zoo Bar 9PM 

The Anchor, with Execution Day, Along Came A Spider, From This Day Forward and Chasing Supernovas at 1867 in Lincoln 7PM 

Stephen Monroe

Wednesday August 2nd 

Get The Led Out at The Admiral 8:30 PM

Last Train To Juarez at Bucks Bar & Grill in Venice 9PM 

Joe & Tay at The Jewell 7PM  

The Spatulas & Chevy Pile at Pageturners Lounge 8PM

Rick Fink the One Mand Band with Mike Semrad at Duffy’s 9PM 

Rollie Gregor Music, Darkwood, Callisto at Bourbon Theatre 8PM 

Shaw Davis and the Black Ties at The Zoo Bar 7PM 

Acoustic Happy Hour with Georgeanne at Down Under Lounge 5PM 

Open Mic Night at Down Under Lounge 8PM 

Vibe Check at The Zoo Bar 9PM 

Bozak & Morrissey at Bogies West 6:30PM 

Stephe Monroe at The Pit BBQ Lounge 6PM 

Open Mic Night at The Tavern 9PM 

The Regrettes

Thursday August 3rd 

The Regrettes at Slowdown 8PM 

Carmel Hemphill, Jonathan Brooks, Brad Meyer, Jeff Johnson and Mo Sanders at The Jewell 7PM 

Sandy Creek Bluegrass at Sumtur Amphitheater 

Ben Eisbenberger & LIam Bauman at Pageturners Lounge 8PM

Artists Anonymous Open Mic-at Beach House

Chuck Briseno and Mile 57 at Barnato 7PM 

Year Of The Cobra, Beast Eagle, Weaving Shadows at Reverb Lounge,  8PM 

Jeffery Crosby at The Zoo Bar 6PM 

Scraatch at Bemis Low End 8PM 

Chris Shelton at The Dubliner 9:30PM 

Chad Stoner at Midtown Crossing 7:30 PM 

Cover Me Badd at The Drinkery 7PM 

Travis Tritt at Stir Cove-8PM 

Bug Heaven

Friday August 4th 

Four Winds Music and Art Festival featuring dozens of artists at Reverb Lounge and The Waiting Room on Friday and Saturday. 

Chuck Briseno at Bucks Bar and Grill in Venice 9PM 

Odyssey at B. Bar 8PM 

Great Team Hero at Barrel & Vine 9PM 

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown with Ace Monroe at Barnato 8PM 

Bug Heaven, Lodgings and Breakers at The Sydney 9PM 

Ro Hempel at Sonny’s 7PM 

Brent Crampton at bob & willies wonderbowl-Blackstone-8PM 

Hector Anchondo Live on the Plaza Downtown Plattsmouth 6:30PM 

Polly O’ Keary and The Rhythm Method at Dubliner Pub 9:30 PM 

Pecos & The Rooftops at The Admiral 8PM 

Faded, Diego Danger and Virgin Mary Pistol Grip at Harney Street Tavern 9PM 

John Fino at Cellar 44 Wine Bar 6PM 

Bridges to Cornell-Tribute to Chris Cornell and Motley Scrue a Tribute to Motley Crue at Dream on the Green 9PM 

Jason D. Williams with Mezcal Brothers at the Zoo Bar 5PM 

Josh Hoyer & Soul Colassal with McKinley James at the Zoo Bar 9PM  

Heidi Merril and the Colten Wyatt Band at Glacial Till Winery 

Indoor Music Showcase at Shakedown Street at part of New American Arts Festival 6PM 

Lloyd McCarter & The Honkey Tonk Revival at the 1206 in Crete 8PM 

Boondox at Deer Springs Winery 7PM 

Escape Goat with Box Eats Miah at Down Under Lounge 9:30 PM 

Doug & Jon at Slattery Estates 7PM

DJ Jody Rhew at Cottonwood Cove 

Taxi Driver at Cottonwood Cove 

Heather Wellman at Hail Varsity Club 6PM 

Train at Pinewood Bowl Theater in Lincoln 7PM

Govt. Mule

Saturday August 5th 

In The Market For Blues Festival-Over Thirty Bands in Downtown Omaha at 10 Venues-Visit for more info

Grrl Camp at Falconwood Park-All Day-about 15 acts from around the country and our area perform. Check out for a full lineup. 

Mickey and the Motorcars with Ellis Bullard at Bucks Bar & Grill in Venice 8:30PM 

Moon 17 at The Sydney 9PM 

Josey Scott’s Saliva at The Royal Grove in Lincoln 6:30PM 

Steve Miller Band at Pinewood Bowl Theater 7PM 

Govt. Mule at Stir Cove 8PM 

Las Cruxes, Tiananmen Squares, and The Content at O’Leavers 9PM 

The Old No. 5”s at The Dubliner Pub 9:30PM 

VISCEROUS, Molten, Weaving Shadows ,Rehtek, Ataraxis, Elision at The Drinkery 6PM 

The Bishops at bob & willies wonderbowl in Blackstone 7PM 

NOIR-The New Wave-DJ Night at Verdict 9PM 

Kansas at Orpheum Theater-7:30 PM 

Bombshell at Maloney’s in Council Bluffs 8PM 

Four Winds Music and Art Festival featuring dozens of artists at Reverb Lounge and The Waiting Room on Friday and Saturday. 

NIghtrain International: A Tribute To Guns & Roses at Cottonwood Cove 

Ember & Oak at Slattery Vintage Estates-7PM 

The Empty Pockets at The Zoo Bar 9PM 

Bert & Scott at Deer Springs Winery 7PM 

John Rogers at Brazenhead 7PM . 

ECKO at Stinson Park 7PM 

Thirst Things First, Fascinus Rex, Bad Bad Mad at Cosmic Eye Brewing 6PM

B Street Band at Cellar 426 6:30PM 

BB Sledge, Head Of Femur, Heavy Clippings, Mesa Buoy at Hummel Park Shelter and Playground 4PM 

Jett Threatt-Tribute to Joan Jett, Beautiful 6 and My Juliet at Dream on the Green 8:30PM 

Black Joe Lewis

Sunday August 6th 

Black Joe Lewis at The Zoo Bar 6PM

Bri Bagwell at Bucks Bar  & Grill in Venice 8PM 

Hector Anchondo-Mouth of the South Blues Brunch 11AM 

The Failsafe, Work Of Wolves, and Perfectly Still at The Drinkery 

Omaha Beat Brigade at B. Bar 8PM 

American Classics Revue-Jeff Jenkins and Ron Cooley at The Jewel 7PM 

Toby Driver, Floating Opera, Kerry Eddy, Scott Scholz at Duffy’s 7PM 

Mark Irvin at Sumtur Amphitheater 

Ro Hempel at Boathouse Bar & Grill 

DJ Jody Rhew at Cottonwood Cove 

Toby Driver as Alora Crucible: Modern Hammered Dulcimer Contexts at Polley Music Library 4PM 

Blanky & The Dirts at Pageturners Lounge 8PM

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