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-Computerwife-Computerwife This is Addie Warncke, and this might be her debut album, though there are songs going back some years. This is probably the best album out this week. It is indie noise pop, very homemade, and raw. It has a genuine urgency. I really enjoyed walking around and listening to this on headphones.

-Jah Wobble– A Brief History of Now-I never listen to Jah Wobble albums (I mean, I have, but I don’t put them on when they come out), as he puts out SO MUCH STUFF. This is his third album this year. Maybe I should spend a year and deep-dive dive his stuff. There is probably a lot there that I would like. I like this album. It’s a mix of spoken word, dub, and weird pop rock songs. Honestly, if a young group put this album out, we would probably be freaking out about it.

-Ariana Delawari – I Will Remember-I really like this. I was unaware of Ariana, but I just spent some time reading about her. She is a filmmaker, activist, and actor. Also a musician, obviously. Her first album came out in 2009, the second in 2016, and here we are with the third. It is accessible singer-songwriter music with pop sensibilities and influences from her Afghanistan roots. I listened to this on a bike ride today and thought it was nice. I loved the rhythms and the synths, and her vocals are a little off kilter. Now that I have read about her, I want to dig into this more.

-Jordi – Sorry I’m Late-This is good. Jordi has all the right people producing for her, and they are producing a big 90s rock record from the drummer and singer-songwriter. If you want a grungy, moments-of-mosh rock record-here you go. There are lots of hooks also.

-The Odds-Crash the Time Machine is the first album from the Canadians in a decade. In the early 1990s, the Odds had a little bit of a cult following in the US. Us record store nerds enjoyed them as a straight-forward working-man rock band with a bit of wit and good songs. There were not a lot of bells and whistles, but the approach worked. That approach is still there, and this album is pretty good. The songs are not as good, but they are good, and as an Odd’s fan, it is nice to listen to, and I will probably do so again. I’m not sure anyone who is not already an Odds fan would need to rush out to hear this.

 -Pawz One and Preed One – Murals & Mayhem-this is a good hip-hop record. Gangster messaging, but not in a super cliche way and I found what they were saying engaging, and the music and rhymes were good. I especially like the song called “Broken Record”.

 -Joshua Ray Walker’s What Is It Even? Walker’s album of cover songs by female artists. It’s a lot of fun hearing him twang up songs from The Cranberries, Whitney Houston, Dolly Parton, Sinead O’ Connor, Cher, and more. Nothing here really requires repeated listening, though. Kyle from Tenacious D guests on “Linger”. I have a live review from a recent show from Joshua up on this page. 

-Holy Wave- Five of Cups-sixth album, I think, from the band that calls themselves psych rock, and I guess it is. The initial songs that came out on this had me with higher hopes, but it is a nice listen. Kind of a drugged out mellow alt rock that will appeal to some people. There was not a ton for me to hang onto on the first listen, but I will listen again.

 -Girl Ray – Prestige- Girl Ray is going full on disco on the new album. I guess that is happening again. While I liked their previous album better (I think I’ve only listened to this twice so far), this is still a fun listen from the London trio.

 -The Sherlocks-People Like Me and You-Fourth album from the band. Dramatic rock music that would sound good in big arenas full of fans of The Killers and Arctic Monkeys.

 -Stolen Jars-I Won’t Let Me Down—this is pretty good. This is a full-on band now, and I guess it has been for awhile now. It’s just a personal thing, but Cody’s vocals don’t appeal to me, but Sarah’s do. When they sing together, it is fine too. Average middle-of-the-road indie rock.

-Rick Hyde-LUPARA-I was encouraged by the intro from deceased professional wrestler Rick Rude.  Musically, this is pretty good, but the lyrics were super cliche and got old very quickly, so I bailed.

-Teenage Wrist – Still Love—what a great name for a band. Yet another band that sounds like the 90’s. It’s pretty good, not my thing, but I listened to the whole thing and could see people getting into it. I’m not sure if it is because 311’s SA Martinez has a guest verse on here or what, but it reminded me of seeing bands at The Ranch Bowl 

-Activity – Spirit in the Room-dark alt rock, with some Smashing Pumpkins, some electronic, lots of layers, moody, and well thought out. I listened to it a couple times and liked it enough. I’m not blown away by it or highly recommending it, but if you like dark rock that needs a little time put into it, this could work for you. 

-Vince Gill and Paul Franklin – Sweet-Memories: The Music of Ray Price & The Cherokee Cowboys Vince Gill Amy Grant’s man. He wrote a song on his last album called “When My Amy Prays” that ruined the talented Gill for me. It was that bad. Franklin is the Susan Lucci of the CMA’s-nominated 29 times. Never won. Hell of a pedal steel player, though. 

 -Didirri – Caught in the Act-debut album from Australian singer-songwriter. Has a ton of singles out and pretty well known. Was a circus performer as a kid. 

 -Rick Springfield-Automatic-Rick Springfield has a new twenty song album out.

-Brett Young – Across the Sheets-4th studio album from mainstream country star. 

 -Mammoth WVH – Mammoth II-second album from Alex Van Halen’s nephew. 

 TOMORROW X TOGETHER – SWEET I think this is the third full length from the K-Pop group 

 -Trippie Redd – A Lover Letter to You 5-Fifth in a series of mix tapes from the rapper. 

 -Homeboy Sandman – Rich-second album released this year. First was a Christmas album in January.

 -Skindred – Smile the metal reggae band has been doing this for over two da decades now. It’s getting good reviews. I am not listening to a metal reggae album.

-Current Joys – Love + Pop- Nick from Surf Curse solo stuff. 

-The Front Bottoms – You Are Who You Hang Out With- 8th album from the popular New Jersey Band 

-Emil Amos – Zone Black-solo album from Emil who is in a ton of bands like OM, Grails, Lilacs & Champagne plus Holy Sons. 

 -M.A.G.S – Destroyer-this might be too pop punk and EMO for me, but there is something appealing here. Might need to listen further. He has some serious streams also. 

-Chris Farren – Doom Singer-this guy was in the band Fake Names, but his claim to fame is creating that The Smiths shirt with Will Smith and family. This is a solo album from him. 

-Joe Hertler & the Rainbow Seekers – Pursuit of Wonder-new album from Michigan rock band. I thought this would be hippie stoner rock. It is not. 

 -Nathan Micay – To the God Named Dream-this is actually a good electronic listen. Micay does a lot of TV soundtracks and such. It also has some fantastic song titles. 

-Robert Jon & The Wreck – Ride Into the Light-new album from the blues rock band 


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