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Review: G Flip at Reverb Lounge Omaha-10-15-2023

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 G Flip at Reverb Lounge 10-15-2023 

When I saw that this show had sold out long before the show was to happen, I wondered why they didn’t just move it to the Waiting Room. I don’t know if that was ever a thought, but if it was, it now makes sense that the artist would stick to this room. They have a show that is tailored for a packed room of engaged fans singing along and dancing. G Flip has a ridiculous amount of radio (You Tube or whatever) ready potential hit songs on their two albums, and especially on the newest one Drummer. It’s shocking that this artist is not bigger already, and while a lot of it is luck, I think it’s only a matter of time. These are big pop songs. 

G Flip started off with a drum solo, as they are a drummer that toured in bands as a drummer. G Flip and their band would then launch into “7 Days”  jumping around the stage, setting up on a box to look over the crowd and getting into the crowd. This energy would remain throughout the hour-long show. They would push out “hit” song after “hit” song and almost every one of them is a favorite. One of the stand out songs for me on the record is “Baked” which I hear some Prince in, and love that they brought a lot of that out in the live version also. Another song that I felt had a Minneapolis music vibe to it was “Queen”. Probably not an influence, but I keep hearing it. 

The song “Rough” ended up with all four members of the band drumming, and G Flip would get behind the drums again for “About You”. Toward the end G Flip would go solo piano/keyboards for “Waste Of Space” and “Good Enough”. The band rocked out on “Get Me Out of Here” and “Australia” ended up being a crowd sing-a-long. G Flip showed so much appreciation to the crowd for being there throughout the show and gifted merch off their back to one of the people in the front row who had waited a long time to get into the venue. 

The show would end in an encore of their best song “Worst Person Alive” and then go into fan favorite “Gay 4 Me” which would end up jamming into a fun cover of Ginuwine’s “My Pony”.  It was a fun show that really delivered for their rabid young fans, and even us old people against the back wall.

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