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I have been trying to pull out eight or ten albums every week to talk about. As you will be able to tell below-besides the Sun June and Rolling Stones, I just wasn’t really excited by much. I half assed the things I did write about as I just couldn’t dig super far into it. There are just weeks that are not that great and this was one of them. Here is the small playlist for you to check out though-let’s hope for better next week. PLAYLIST

Sun JuneBad Dream Jaguar-third album from the Austin Indie pop band. I guess post pandemic the two main singer-songwriters who date, separated geographcially as one is going to school in North Carolina. So this was all written with a distance between them and there is a lot of wistful songs and songs about Texas and what not. I liked the last two albums, but they really caught something here both in sound and songwriting. It is dreamy, inspired and heartfelt and urgent. This is a must listen. 

Rolling Stones-Hackney Diamond –I am a casual Rolling Stones listener at best. I am not a big fan of white blues music, and though the stones take their influences from the best blues artists and a pure love of that music, their deep catalog leaves a lot to be desired for me. I do like when they perform songs with hooks in them. “She’s A Rainbow”, “Start Me Up”, “Get Off Of My Cloud”, you get it. This album is pure nostalgia, and Stones by the numbers, but they are good songs with those hooks-and they found the fire, and it’s just good not to over think this one and enjoy it. How they pulled off anything like this at their age, I will never know. 

Pip BlomBobbie- third album from the band. Yes, it is named after the lead singer. You may think that can’t be a real name. They are Dutch. OH!  I liked their last album Welcome Break from 2021. This is in line with that. Indie pop with a lot of synths. Kind of dancy sometimes, but not really dance music. Or dance music, that is not really dancy. Probably not being played in the clubs. Some of the songs are pretty straight forward indie rock songs with a little bit of sass.

Katie von SchleicherA Little Touch of Schleicher in the Night-Love this album titled. Katie has been putting out music for a decade now. I liked her 2017 album Shitty Hits. This one is a nice listen, breathy pop music with a mix of sweetness and dry wit and attitude. Nice listen. 

 Lost Girls Selvutsletter this is Jenny Hval and Havard Volden. I have become a big fan of Jenny’s and really have no idea who Havard is. This is their second collaborative album, but honestly it sounds like a Jenny Hval album though a bit more pop in a sense. Hval’s melodies always seep in from unsuspecting places and take hold, sometimes after many focused listens. This is a little more immediate, though many will find it a bit difficult. 

 Emma Anderson Pearlies-This is Emma from Lush’s debut solo album, which is a big deal-because Emma from Lush! It’s not that exciting, though it is a very nice listen with dreamy sixties sounding scapes and vibes and it’s honestly what you would probably expect from Emma from Lush. It’s a slow and sleepy one, but nice.

Here are some of the other albums that were enjoyable 


 Forest SwordsBolted

Israel NashOzarker

  Lee GambleModels

Maria BCSpike Field

Markus FloatsFourth Album

 Me RexGiant Elk

Reverend Kristin Michael Hayter  – SAVED!

Sondre LercheUnderstudy


 awakebutstillinbedchaos takes the wheel and i am a passenge

 Barry Can’t SwimWhen Will We Land?

 BeharieAre You There, Boy?

Bella BooDreamySpaceyBlue

 Bernie Worrell, Cindy Blackman Santana, and John KingSpherical

Bex BurchThere is only love and fear

Black to CommAt Zeenath Parallel Heavens

Bombay Bicycle ClubMy Big Day

CoHRadiant Faults

CourseTight Feathers

Crime & the City Solutionthe killer

DuskGlass Pastures

Dylan LeBlancCoyote

Emily WolfeThe Blowback

 Evian ChristRevanchrist

Gold LakeWeightless

Hannah MarksOutsider, Outlier

Mike Adams At His Honest WeightGuess For Thrills

PoolsideBlame It All On Love

Santa ChiaraIMPORTED

 Sarah KlangMercedes

Selcouth Quartet Selcouth Quartet

Albums that were not my thing, but might be yours

Teenage HalloweenTill You Return

Billy RaffoulFor All These Years

blink-182ONE MORE TIME…

 Blues TravelerTraveler’s Soul

Boys Like GirlsSunday at Foxwoods

Brooke LigertwoodEight


Chris Shiftlett (of Foo Fighters)Lost at Sea

Christina Perrisongs for pixie

Cirith UngolDark Parade

 City GirlsRA

 Dave Harrington (of Darkside)The Pictures

 Dead Times (feat. Lee Buford of The Body)Dead Times

 Dhani HarrisonInnerstanding

 Dirt BuyerDirt Buyer II

 Dog Eat DogFree Radicals

Duff McKaganLighthouse

Elegy of MadnessXI

Eli Paperboy ReedHits and Misses: The Singles

Glen Hansard All That Was East is West of Me Now 

 Hippie Death CultHelichrysum

Ice Nine KillsWelcome To Horrorwood Under Fire

 Il Sogno del Marinaio (feat. mike watt)A Tribute to Miles Cooper Seaton

Jake ScottLavender

Jane RemoverCensus Designated

Knuckle PuckLosing What We Love

LALUThe Fish Who Wanted to Be King

Within TemptationBleed Out

MartheFurther In Evil


Rival SonsLightbringer

Moon WalkerApocalypticism 

 NSGArea Boyz

 OxymorronsMelanin Punk

RealestKReal World

RêveSaturn Moon

TemperanceHermitage – Daruma’s Eyes Pt. 2

The StreetsThe Darker the Shadow, the Brighter the Light

Sofiane PamartNoche

 Skinny ListerShanty Punk

 Sparkle Division (feat. William Basinski)Foxy

Steph GreenLore

 The Time Experience Project (feat. Dave Stewart)Who To Love

 Titanic (Mabe Fratti x i la catolica)Vidrio


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