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The Calendar 10-30 to 11-5

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Monday October 30th

Emily Bass and Friends at The Zoo Bar 5PM 

The Catalyst Sessions at The Zoo Bar 8PM 

Jazz Sessions at North Omaha Music and Arts 7PM Open Mic at Shakedown Street 8PM

Tuesday October 31st

The Jazzocracy at The Zoo Bar 7PM 

Shake A Tail Feather at The Zoo Bar 9PM 

Contemporary Sessions at North Omaha Music and Arts 7PM 

Teddy Swims with Freak Freely and Zinadelphia at The Admiral 8PM 

IDY bran, Lil Mar, 1K Sav at Waiting Room 8PM 

Wednesday November 1st 

DJ Lay-C at Bar 415 

Acoustic Happy Hour with Georganne at Down Under Lounge 5PM 

Open Mic at Down Under Lounge 8PM 

Open Mic at The Tavern 9PM 

Vibe Check at Zoo Bar 9PM 

The Persuaders at Bogies West 

Stephen Monroe at The Pitt BBQ Lounge 6PM 

Scott Severin and Stateleigh Holmes with The Mudpuddles at The Zoo Bar 6PM 

Kody West with Dan Olsen at Reverb Lounge 8PM 

Shadow Work, Ex Lover, The Credentials, Sira Achra at Duffy’s Tavern 

Frequency with El Ness at 10Forward 9PM 

Great Lake Swimmers

Thursday November 2nd 

King Of The Blues-Kris Lager, Nick Schenbelen, Hector Anchondo, Brandon Hudspeth, Myles Jasnowski, Sean McDonnell at The Waiting Room 6PM 

Pursuit with Mortal Requiem at The Drinkery  

Great Lake Swimmers, Steady Wells, Sean Pratt & The Sweats 8PM 

Artists Anonymous Open Mic at Beach House Bar 9:30PM 

Dan Rodriguez at Reverb Lounge 8PM 

Kelly Hunt at The Zoo Bar 6PM 

Logan Mize and Ryan Osbahr at East of Omaha 8PM 

Mark Vilanova at The Low End Live at Bemis Theater 8PM 

Chris Shelton at Dubliner Pub 

Ninja Phunk at B. Bar 7PM 

Shania Twain at CHI Health Center Arena 

Martin Zellar

Friday November 3rd 

Martin Zellar with The Captains Platter at Reverb Lounge 

Doobie, Hylyte, Call Me Karizma at Waiting Room Lounge

Abraham Alexander with Harper O’Neill at The Slowdown 8PM 

The Bishops with Space Monkey at The Down Under Lounge-9PM 

Wyrmwood at Benson Theater 

Warren Zieders with A Thousand Horses at The Admiral Theater 8PM (Sold Out) 

Mezcal Brothers at The Zoo Bar 5PM 

Cruel Kiss, Ex Lover, NOWHERE at The Sydney 9PM 

Opal Agafia at The Zoo Bar 9PM 

Chris Webby and Ekoh at Bourbon Theater in Lincoln 8PM 

Hotel Desperado at East Of Omaha 8PM (Sold Out) 

Bovinae, Cast Off Form, Caregiver,/Caretaker, Kyle Jessen, Stacey Barelos at The Imaginarium Superstore 6PM 

Blacklite District with REdEFINED  and Paisty Jenny at Beach House Bar 

On The Fritz at Bogies West 

Hector Anchondo at Javis Taco 6PM 

Metro Jazz Quintet at Lied Center Lincoln 7:30PM 

Lincoln Symphony Orchestra-Vivaldi’s Four Seasons 7:30PM 

Brother East Brother West at Kinkaider Brewing Omaha 

Lance Lipinksy & The Lovers at Brownsville Concert Hall 7:30PM 

LLoyd McCarter and Savanna Chestnut at 1206 in Crete Nebraska 7PM 

Acoustic Groove at Brazen Head 7PM 

Kurt Allen and Back Alley Blues at B. Bar 5:30PM 

Bluehouse at Copacabana 9PM 

Mark Irvin at Twisted Vine 

Tyler Anthony at Barnato 8PM 

Virgin Mary Pistol Grip with The Dive Kings and Watson & Co at Maloney’s 8PM 

NeedtoBreathe at Steelhouse Omaha 7:30PM 

Omaha Symphony Magic Flute at Holland Center-7:30PM 

Saturday November 4th 

Stronghold, Static Soul, Heavyweight, Healer and Mass Hysteria at Reverb Lounge 8PM 

Hotel Desperado at East Of Omaha 8PM 

Arkansauce and The Midland Band at The Slowdown 8PM 

Autumn Ragland with Clancy Jones at Bucks Bar and Grill in Venice 9PM 

Dylan Bloom with Tegan Nissen at Barnato 

Mae Simpson at The Zoo Bar 9PM 

Sonic Diverson at Maloneys in Council Bluffs 

Colin Roberts at Benson Theater 

Obliviscaris, Beyond Creation, The Omnific, Fallen Reign at Cosmic Eye Brewing in Lincoln 6PM Doors 

Hector Anchondo at Mouth of the South Old Market 11AM 

Hector Anchondo at 4th Street Legion in Council Bluffs 7PM 

Lance Lipinksy & The Lovers at Brownsville Concert Hall 7:30PM 

Big Daddy Caleb with Matt “Guitar” Richardson and Jake Wiese at Rock ‘n” Joe Coffee Bar in Lincoln 7PM 

Jump Cut at Beach House Bar 

The Magic Flute Omaha Symphony at Holland Center 7:30PM 

Terry Parker Band at  B. Bar 8PM 

TrvpSquad and Friends at Boubon Theater in Lincoln 7:30PM 

November Spawned a Monster at The Verdict (Noir Dance Party-Morrissey Tribute) 9PM 

Zach Adkins with Up The Irons at Waiting Room Lounge 8PM 

The Tale Untold, From This Day Forward, Iced Wrist, Full Clip at The Swamp 8PM 

The Ephinjis at The Dubliner 9:30PM 

The Apollo Suns and Randall Gruber at Down Under Lounge 

Sunday November 5th 

Hector Anchondo at Mouth of the South Old Market 11AM 

Coffin Bop: Twin Pages, Madeline Reddel, and GoodView at Pageturners Lounge 6PM 

MagicK K Acoustic at Ditmars Orchard and Vineyard 

The Brevet, Steady Wells at The Bourbon Theater 8PM 

Wyrmwood with Hot Dealers at The Zoo Bar in Lincoln 

Emo Orchestra (Hawthorne Heights) at The Admiral Theater 8PM 

Infante Cathedral, Source, Sovereignty, Neo Sol at The Drinkery 7PM

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