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The Calendar 11-6 through 11-12

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Monday November 6th 

Bastardane with Fury in Few, Klept, Grave Stone, and Molten 6:30PM Doors 

Lines of Loyalty, Till Hell, Chasing Supernovas at Bourbon Theater 7PM 

Carnifex, Signs of the Swarm, To The Grave, The Last Ten Seconds of Life, Iced Wrist 6PM 

First Monday Blues Jam at The Zoo Bar 7:30PM 

Jazz Sessions at North Omaha Music and Arts 7PM Open Mic at Shakedown Street 8PM


Tuesday November 7th

Vosh, Ex Lover, and Cvlt Play at Reverb Lounge 8PM 

The Crabby Blues Band at Shucks Pacific Street 6PM 

The Jazzocracy at The Zoo Bar 7PM 

Shake A Tail Feather at The Zoo Bar 9PM 

Contemporary Sessions at North Omaha Music and Arts 7PM 

Red, Saul, The World Without Us, Cypehn at Bourbon Theater 7PM 

Ocie Elliott

Wednesday November 8th 

The Struts with Mac Saturn at The Admiral Theater 8PM 

Chris Renzema and Jess Ray at Slowdown 8PM 

Ocie Elliott at Reverb Lounge 8PM 

Pert Near Sandstone and The Henhouse Prowlers at The Zoo Bar 6PM 

El Ness at 10Forward 9PM 

Daddy Mac and The Flak at Bogies West 6:30PM 

Magic K Acoustic at The Pit BBQ Lounge 6PM 

DJ Lay-C at Bar 415 

Acoustic Happy Hour with Georganne at Down Under Lounge 5PM 

Open Mic at Down Under Lounge 8PM 

Open Mic at The Tavern 9PM 

Vibe Check at Zoo Bar 9PM 

Open Mic at Razor Wire Productions 6:30PM 

Matthew J Rolin & Ben Eisenberger at Pageturners Lounge 8PM 


Thursday November 9th

The Expendables and Bumpin Uglies with Claire Wright at The Waiting Room 7:30PM 

Sounds Fishy at Copacabana 9PM

Puddle Pity Party at The Admiral 7:30PM 

Wake, Amolador, Ungoliant and Corpseburner at Reverb Lounge 8PM 

The Elovators, Shwayze and Surfer Girls at The Slowdown 8PM 

Savanah Chestnutt at The Zoo Bar 7PM 

Paper Canaries at Pageturners Lounge 8PM 

Cerberus at 10Forward 9PM 

Chris Shelton at Dubliner Pub 9:30PM 

String Weens at Down Under Lounge 

Mitch Gettman Band at B. Bar 8PM 

Marc Vilanova at the Low End at Bemis 

Josh Morningstar at Bucks Bar & Grill 9PM 

Friday November 10th

The Damones at Maloney’s in Council Bluffs 8PM 

Bette Smith at Holland Performing Arts Center 7:30PM 

Kidd G with Graham Barham at The Waiting Room 8PM 

Belles with Kaylyn Sahs at Reverb Lounge 8PM 

The Real Zebos and Beachmont at The Slowdown 7PM 

Tijuana Gigolos at The Zoo Bar 5PM 

David Graham & The Eskimo Brothers at The Zoo Bar 9PM 

BIg Bubble Rave at at Bourbon Theater 9PM 

Jake Stringer with Daniel Johnson at Buck Bar & Grill 9PM 

Lou Deluca & The Delta 88’s at B. Bar 5:30PM 

Rhythm Collective at B. Bar 9PM 

Nathan Paul at Dubliner Pub 9:30PM 

Danny Burns and the Penny Spenders with the Electroliners at Down Under Lounge 

Brad Colerick at Crescent Moon in Lincoln 7PM 

Down to 2 at Copacabana 9PM

John Fino at Twisted Vine 7PM

Randall Gruber at Kinkaider Omaha 7PM

Money Marcs and the Mel at 10Forward 9PM 

Mmblah at Bar 415 

Nordista Freeze with E Rawq at the Sydney 9PM 

The King Of Diamonds at Beach House Bar 

Troy Cartwright at Barnato 8PM 

Saturday November 11th

Danny Grause, Maygen & The Bird Watcher and Monica Austin at Maloney’s in Council Bluffs 

The Karma Police at The Slowdown 8PM 

Angel Du$t with Candy, BIB, and 9Million at The Waiting Room 7PM 

J Crum, MarquisIsDead, Saint Mic, Pflames, Nugz, Rysie, Greco, Selfmade, Captain VIII, TKO, DJ YMF at Reverb Lounge 

DJ Bvssvine at Bar 415 

Black Ophanim at The Zoo Bar 9PM 

Tony Logue & The 184 at Bucks Bar and Grill 9PM 

Kristen Taylor, Sara Sanner, and Jenny Welsh at Pageturners Lounge 8PM 

Cruz Control at B. Bar 9PM 

Joseph McCarthy at Mouth of the South Old Market 11AM

Lostronauts with Secret Formula at The Down Under Lounge 9:30PM 

Parfait at Dubliner Pub at 9:30PM 

Brothers East, Brothers West at Mouth of the South Lakeside 11AM 

Boondoggle at Philly Sports Bar & Grill 7PM 

Jocelyn Olivia and Brenda Lee at Twisted Vine 7PM 

Lucas Krance at 10Forward 9PM 7

Johnnyrook, Xaeto and at 1867 in Lincoln 

Conejo, Big Lupe, Primo El Negociante at The Royal Grove in Lincoln 


Sunday November 12th

Baroness and Wayfarer at The Waiting Room 8PM 

Hector Anchondo at Mouth of the South Lakeside 11AM 

Maverick City Music at Steelhouse Omaha 7PM 

Coyote Bill at at Mouth of the South Old Market 11AM 

Kristina Warren, Alex Jacobson, and Seth Shafer at Project Project 6PM

Brad Colerick at Benson Theater 4:30PM 

The Almas with Reign of Z at The Drinkery 

Nathan Paul at Kinkaider in Omaha Noon 

30footFALL, DSM-5, The Shidiots & Even Coast at Reverb Lounge 5:30PM 

The Motet and Yam Yam at The Slowdown 8PM

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