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Update on Omaha Buzz

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A little update on what we have going on with Omaha Buzz that will probably not be super little on the word count.

The purpose of Omaha Buzz is to create a place where people can find a very simple and easy-to-read calendar in list form. To have a weekly list of as many of the concerts on sale for the week in one place that is easy to read in list form. To have a list of albums every week, a playlist, and my thoughts on that. To have a daily reminder of what is happening in the Omaha, Lincoln, and Council Bluffs live music scene with a little more detail and even some recommendations from me. To post news and interviews with area bands and touring artists (this is something that I hope to grow more—hit me up venues and artists). The goal is to make sure people know about as many music opportunities as possible. The most frustrating thing for me, as a supporter of live music and area music, is to hear “Oh, I wish I would’ve known.”

It’s hard to find out everything that is happening. So, I started the page, and we are getting 1500 visitors a month, and the views are three times that much. Not huge, but growing—it looks like we will cross the 2000 visitor-a-month threshold in November. The Facebook page has grown to close to 1100 followers, and it gets shared on my personal page with over 4000 followers as well. So, in its infancy, it’s hitting quite a few people, and I am getting good feedback.

I see how many people see Facebook posts these days (on my pages and the business pages I run), and it’s a rough reality. I also know that the OmahaBuzz WordPress page is a bit rudimentary and is having some of those horrible ads pop up. So, I am setting up some other things in addition to what I am already doing.

The page will continue to have posts as normal.

I have set up another page at Substack here (thanks for the recommendation, Chris).

The hope is twofold: first, I hope it is a cleaner reading alternative for those that desire it, and you can also sign up for a free subscription (or pay if you would like to contribute, but you will not get anything extra as I do not want to make any of this non-inclusive) and get the posts sent to your email automatically. That way, you will not have to rely on the luck of the draw with the algorithm of social media to find out what is happening. Transparency: you will get 10–12 emails a week. The only thing I will be doing differently on that site is that the daily posts will look a little different and have a little more information.

I also have an Instagram page, a Threads page, a BlueSky page, and a Tumblr page where I post all of the information I do on the Facebook page. I’m just trying to get as many people involved as possible. They are all under the Omaha Buzz name, if that is your preferred social media avenue.

While making money at this is not the goal, it is quite time-consuming, and I am trying to get out to see as much live music as possible, which costs money, and I am also trying to make up for some of the money I am not collecting with The Reader closing. If you would like to contribute to what we have going on, I have a Patreon set up for $3 a month here.…

Or you can do a paid subscription on the Substack page, or my Venmo is marcus-manner

I appreciate all of the contributions thus far and all of the likes, shares, follows, and feedback. Please let your live music and music loving friends know about what we are doing.

See you at the show!

MarQ Manner


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